Colson X-Cel Secures New Project in Oman

Colson X-Cel Ltd, the UK manufacturer of instrument valves and Double Block & Bleed Valves has been awarded a major project for a Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) plant in Oman. Colson X-Cel Ltd supported the in-country contractor to ensure short lead times were achieved for a critical project milestone. Over 400 Double Block & Bleed Valves were supplied to an ultra-low emission design.

double block and bleed valves

The award of this prestigious project was based on the close cooperation between Colson X-Cel and the contractor to supply a technically advanced solution alongside a fast track delivery. Colson X-Cel Ltd design, machine, assemble and test in-house at the Advanced Manufacturing Park just outside Sheffield in the UK which ensures operational excellence to achieve on time deliveries.

James Hinchliffe (Sales Director) said “We are delighted to have secured this project whilst working closely with our customer to achieve a quality engineered solution alongside a delivery performance that exceeded the end users expectations”.

The Double Block & Bleed valves supplied were already type tested to ensure the performance of the design when exposed to the limits of the service conditions. This ensures the seat sealing, fugitive emission and operating torque offer maximum performance under pressure in combination with temperature and operation of this critical application.

colson new business win